Spay and Neuter Campaign Fundraiser


The overpopulation of cats and dogs is leading to an alarming increase in abandoned animals with worsening living conditions, overpopulation of animal shelters and consequently number of animals being put to sleep, public health problems and the extinction of wildlife species.

In Romania, spay/neutering campaign are paramount to end suffering of hundreds of animals being born everyday!

This problem is apparent in both rural and urban areas.

You can make the difference!

The Anim All Delta team organizes local spay/neutering campaigns for both owners and homeless animals. 

We focus upon improving conditions and animal welfare matters in the poor villages, where most of the animals are not neutered and often escape whilst in season. This consequently results in the birth of unwanted dogs which are abandoned on the streets and further fueling the stray population numbers.

The campaigns aim to stop the number of unwanted births, register animals and control the population of stray animals in the Danube Delta area.

Join us with a donation and help us to continue our work!