Anim All Delta

We are a team of volunteers, including three veterinarians dedicated to their profession, who decided, after years of individual efforts to sterilize, vaccinate their own resources and identify owners for abandoned dogs and cats, to join forces to get involved. in an effective way to protect animals and the environment. We want to change the fate of as many dogs and cats as possible through sterilization programs, both in urban and rural areas, as well as through treatments offered to social cases. 


A part of our projects:

One of the biggest and most ambitious projects through which our Association tries to save animals and give them a chance at life is the Isaccea project.

One of the main project of Anim All Delta is to run the only charitable clinic in Danube Delta and the only in the region.

Its been a long journey.. we know we are not even half of it, but we will continue our work! We would love to make a THANK YOU steatment for all charities who helped us in this mission to help refugee's and their pets that enters in Romania through Isaccea Border Point.

Our team

Dr. Alexandru Maximilian

Founding member of 

Anim All Delta.

Veterinarian at the AtmaVet clinic in Tulcea

Dr. Cristian-Bogdan Tudor

Founding member of 

Anim All Delta.

Veterinarian at the TudorVet in Niculițel, Tulcea.

We are proud partners of: